Have you wondered whether installing a backup generator would be a good addition to your homes value?  Installing a whole home backup generator  can add value that averages about $6,014.  Let’s consider a residential home owner and how a loss in power may impact them. While many of us think of power outages briefly occurring during a storm, the more common reality is these disruptions are regularly happening and have expensive associated costs.  A Harris Interactive survey sponsored by Briggs & Stratton revealed that 69% of U.S. adults, who had faced a power outage lasting more than 12 hours in the past two years, dealt with subsequently associated costs. From spoiled food to repairing damaged property, power outages can be costly (www.gegenerators.com). Below are the top costs draining homeowners’ bank accounts after an extended power outage.

•    40% had to replace spoiled food, at an estimated cost of $160

•    29% incurred costs for emergency supply purchases to protect their home and family during
      the power outage (including candles, flashlights, firewood, etc.) at an estimated cost of $75

•    16% invested in a portable generator at an estimated cost of $650

•    13% lost wages from having to take time off work, at an estimated cost of $310

•    11% reported property damage, estimated cost of $1,916

•    8% reported having to pay for a hotel room during the power outage, at an estimated cost of 

Homeowners and business owners alike must carefully consider these and other costs while evaluating their needs and determining their potential ROI.

Installing a backup generator in Conway, AR or generator in Little Rock, AR and surrounding areas can be a great functional upgrade for your home. In many parts of the country the severe storms that frequently knock out power happen during the coldest months of the year. If your home has electric heat, installing a backup generator will allow you to stay warm until the utility company gets things back in order. Adding automatic backup Generac generators to your home is no walk in the park. High-current electrical connections, an automatic transfer switch, and proper placement of the generator are just a few of the things that come into play. Experienced professionals know how to upgrade your home safely and in compliance with all of the local codes.

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